Interview / 02 Rifqy Tenribali Eshanasir

Great insights from all over the world

Rifqy Tenribali Eshanasirさん/アジア太平洋学部 4回生

インドネシア 出身

I have been interested in studying in Japan since I was in high school, and APU seemed like a great opportunity to do so. I was particularly attracted by the International Relations and Peace Studies course, offered in two languages, as well as the robust Japanese and Asia Pacific Languages program. As a student, I get valuable insights from professors from around the world on International relations while improving my Japanese and other language abilities. APU has a lot to offer students through extracurricular activities, such as sports clubs, art clubs, student organizations, and its unique premier circles. For now, my goals are to find opportunities to work and further studies after graduation! I plan to get some real-world work experience first to prepare myself for graduate studies.