Interview / 01 PRADUBPONGSA Pinn

Unparalleled Diversity

PRADUBPONGSA Pinnさん/アジア太平洋学部 4回生

タイ 出身

APU has students from over 90 countries and regions, and as a result, is a place rich and diverse in culture and people. This multi- cultural environment and opportunity to learn and experience new cultures that is hard to find anywhere else is the reason I chose to study at APU. From just walking around campus, you can hear a variety of languages and truly feel the diversity of the university. Through classes and extracurricular activities, you are able to deepen your knowledge of different cultures by cooperating with people of different nationalities. As a result of these experiences, I have learned the importance of understanding diversity and finding common ground so that I can work and succeed with people from different backgrounds. Studying at APU is very precious opportunity for me as it has widened my perspective and changed my worldview for the better.