Interview / 01 BJERKHAGEN Jon Trygve

Becoming a part of a global community

BJERKHAGEN Jon Trygveさん/国際経営学部 3回生

ノルウェー 出身

The community at APU is unique and valuable due to the students' diversity and the relationships they build as they enjoy student life together. Students from all over the world gather here in pursuit of academic excellence and a brighter future. APU provides an excellent variety of foreign language studies. Here, I have improved my Japanese and English communication skills to a level where I feel confident about my future career. My goal for enrolling at APU is to create unique opportunities to connect Japan and Norway through food or trading products. I sincerely hope that students considering studying at APU can see what a truly golden opportunity it is. It has everything one could wish for: diversity, opportunities for growth, and unexpected companionship.