(1) Domestic Students Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to accepted applicants who have achieved outstanding results in the screening for admission.
・ Eligible application types: All application types for first-year domestic enrollment (both April and September 2022)
*Application types for transfer enrollment are ineligible
・Number of scholarships awarded: 55
・Scholarship value: Equivalent to 50% of tuition
・Term of award: 4 years *Dependent on eligibility screenings conducted each semester
・Payment method: An amount equal to the scholarship value is deducted from invoices for payment of tuition fees.
・Application method: Request to receive the scholarship at the same time as applying for admission

(2) Domestic Students Tuition Reduction

This is a financial support scholarship which students can apply for after enrolling in APU. Applicants can receive this scholarship at the same time as the Domestic Students Academic Excellence Scholarship.
・Eligibility: Current APU students fulfilling certain conditions (household income, academic performance, etc.)
・Value: Equivalent to 50% of tuition
 ※ However, students receiving a tuition reduction under the national government’s higher education financial support
scheme will receive only the difference between the value provided under this scheme and the value of the scholarship shown above.
・ Term of award: Maximum of 4 years (or minimum period required to graduate) *Dependent on eligibility screenings conducted each year.
・Payment method: An amount equal to the scholarship value is deducted from invoices for payment of tuition fees.
・ Application method: Calls for applications are made after each enrollment period (April and October). For more details,please wait for information to be provided after enrollment.

(3) Other APU Scholarships

Name Type Eligibility Awardees per year Amount
ANDO Momofuku
Grant Undergraduate thrd-year (fifth semester) students who satisfy any one of thefollowing criteria:
(1)Outstanding academic record
(2)Distinguished performance in extracurricular activities
Up to 4 Up to 500,000 yen
ANDO Momofuku
Honor Prize
Grant Students scheduled to graduate (students in their eighth semester) who have achieved outstanding performance in their studies and extracurricular activities and have positive goals for their future careers Up to 4 Up to 1 million yen
APU Academic
Merit Scholarship
Grant Students at each year level who have earned the prescribed number of credits and who have achieved the most outstanding grades in their respective colleges, years and semesters of enrollment for the semester concerned Approx. 30 Up to 100,000 yen
APU Incentive
Scholarship for
Grant Individuals and groups that achieved outstanding results in self-motivated activities. Within the limits of
the budget
Up to 100,000 yen
for groups/
Up to 50,000 yen
for individuals
Domestic Students
Financial Support
Tuition Reduction
Grant For those facing hardship in continuation of their studies due to death or unemployment of their household’s major breadwinner after enrolling in APU. Up to 20 50% tuition