Pre-Screening of Eligibility

Pre-Screening of Eligibility for Application

The following applicants are required to undergo a pre-screening of eligibility for application prior to application. Please follow the instructions given below and request your pre-screening before the official application period begins.
It may take some time for you to obtain academic transcripts and other documents required for the pre-screening. Please allow plenty of time to obtain these documents from the applicable institutions before submitting your application.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the pre-screening process, please contact the Admissions Office (telephone 0977-78-1120; e-mail

1. Individuals who require pre-screening

(1) Prospective applicants for admission at first year level:
Those who will not have reached the age of 18 by the date of their admission.
(2) Prospective applicants for admission by second and third year level transfer:
(i) Those who have studied in a university, junior college, vocational college, correspondence course or other such institution in a country other than Japan.
(ii) Those who have been enrolled at two or more universities or junior colleges either within or outside Japan.
(iii) Those who have been advanced to a higher year level as a result of “grade skipping” on the basis of outstanding academic performance, or under a transfer or advanced entry system.

* Please refeer to the floowig URL Second/Third Year Transfer Enrollment in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

* Prospective applicants for second or third year transfer entry must undergo pre-screening if they have studied at a higher education institution outside Japan.

* Those who are granted permission to apply for transfer entry to APU will also receive notification of the number of credits that will be recognized upon transfer.

* In some cases an individual seeking transfer entry at 3rd year level may, following screening, be granted permission to apply for transfer entry at 2nd year level instead.

(3) Others who may request pre-screening
Those who are unsure whether or not they fulfill the application eligibility criteria prescribed by APU, may request pre-screening.
Please refer to the following documents for detailed information.