Application Guidelines for English-basis Students

About APU

Dual Language Education
APU offers a dual language education where students are able to study their degree in either English or Japanese. Japanese language ability is not required to apply to APU. While studying your chosen subjects in English, you will take intensive Japanese language classes. The system is reversed for Japanese-basis students. Multinational companies located in Japan are eager to employ graduates with Japanese, English and other language skills, and our graduates are successful in gaining such employment. You can also study other languages of the Asia Pacific Region at APU.
Multicultural Environment
APU aims to bring students from all over the world to study and live together. Almost 45% of our student body consists of international students from nearly 90 countries and regions. Similarly, about 50% of our faculty members are from around the world while Japanese faculty members have had various international careers and experiences. Students and faculty at APU come from various cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. APU encourages everyone to bring their own unique culture and ideas to share and students learn real international communication skills in and outside the classroom. It is a truly unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.
Career Success
In the last three years, more than 90% of our students who sought a job have been successful in finding fulltime employment starting immediately after their graduation. Many international and Japanese companies and organizations find APU students highly employable thanks to their multi-lingual skills and in-depth knowledge of their chosen field. As a result, almost 200 companies visit our campus to specifically recruit our students every year. APU offers detailed career education and training to all students throughout their period of study.